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We are dedicated, experienced & passionate


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Our aims, goals & dreams for Marivation


Butch Hunter, CEO & Founder

Our Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Marivation has worked in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical distribution, and biotech industry for twenty years. Along with a fascinating and heart-warming story about how he first became involved in developing Nutraceutical treatments, it is his passion and market expertise that is the inspiration behind the firm.


Scott McAllister, MD, CMO, Hematology and Oncology

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder is a Medical Oncologist with over 15 years of community practice experience. As Marivation’s Chief Medical Officer, and a Co-Founder, unique expertise in cancer diagnosis and treatments, including immunotherapy, along with his extensive general medical knowledge provides Marivation with serious and unprecedented medical qualifications.


Sherry Hess, Vice President of Product Development

Vice President of Product Development is a highly educated nutritional specialist and professionally trained Executive Chef, with years of experience, the VP of Product Development is talented, innovative and insightful. She brings to Marivation an understanding of the benefits of flavor sourced from ingredients that are grown rather than processed. Her culinary expertise brings our team the know how necessary to create these dynamic new products.


Kelly Connelly, Expert Food Scientist & Product Developer

Expert Food Scientist and Product Developer with a Masters Degree and Undergraduate Degree in Food Science and 18 years of product innovation experience working at Kraft, Nabisco & WhiteWave Foods launching over 50 products.


Quintin W.O. Myers, M.A., Consumer Insights Lead

Product Development based on Survey Analytics is extremely important to us. Highly-targeted patient and product development questionnaires allow us to capture input and feedback from actual patients. Quintin is a doctoral candidate with an M.A. in applied sociology. He brings practical experience writing surveys and interview instruments to help connect patients and caregivers with our dynamic product. His goal is to help to continue to improve Marivation’s products to better serve patients by understanding what they, and their physicians, want from a nutraceutical product.