Introducing Oncobitez TM 
by Marivation

Marivation has created a powerful product development team advanced in the fields of medicine, holistic foods, and scientific stability.  Anticipation in the oncology circles is building as we prepare to launch our flagship product, OncoBitez. Our team, led by our co-founder and medical oncologist has hit the ground running with our initial products currently in the final phases of recipe testing and scientific development.

As we keep in mind all of the needs of those suffering from symptoms of both the disease and the treatments, we will continuously strive to ensure the quality of ingredients, intentional beneficial flavors, appealing textures and caloric needs for all of our OncoBitez offerings.

quality ingredients, beneficial flavors, & appealing textures assisting in meeting the caloric needs of patients


OncoBitez is more than a High-Calorie Nutritional Bite. Each product that we release will have a purposeful list of ingredients that will not only provide the energy and nutritional boost need while fighting diseases but will contain ingredients with purpose. We don’t just add flavor for the sake of adding flavor. We select each experiential flavor element based upon benefits that it may provide to the patient.

At the most basic level, our ingredients will be gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan and organic. Sweeteners added will come from fruit ingredients or plant-based sweeteners. Our fats will be from quality plants in which healthy fats naturally occur, like coconut oil.

The flavor that we craft into OncoBitez is just as critical as our base ingredients. Each recipe has been developed to be balanced in flavor so that the experience of eating can be joyful again. The flavor of an OncoBitez is more than just a mouth experience. It has a purpose beyond your taste buds.

We take Pride in Balancing Flavor with Functionality

From a holistic standpoint, we are seeing more and more evidence of the benefits that herbs and spices can provide to help alleviate symptoms. There are eastern medicine protocols that use flavor as signals to heal, and herbal supplements on shelves of health food stores that are full of herbs and spices touted for inflammation, nausea control and immunity boosting just to name a few. Armed with an education in plant medicines and culinary talents, our executive chef creates products with balanced flavors enhanced with functional possibilities. You will find herbs and spices that are also being researched to have potential cancer benefits. Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, herbal teas, and flower powders are just a few of the beneficial flavors you will find in OncoBitez.


A portion of all profits is donated to Child and Juvenile Cancer Research.

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