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OncoBitez were uniquely designed for oncology patients struggling to fulfill their nutrition needs. We know that days 2, 3, and 4 after chemotherapy are the most challenging, and Marivation is here to help. 

Make nutrition easy, and add OncoBitez to your patient’s care plan. We offer wholesale and partner pricing programs for qualifying pharmacies and cancer centers. 

If you have a dispensing pharmacy, simply have your patient pick up OncoBitez as they pick up their Zofran/antiemetic. No pharmacy, no problem – use our website to facilitate shipping of your patient’s OncoBitez order.  We will provide you the foundation to support your patients a high-quality, whole food nutrition supplement that will carry them through challenging times. 


Scott McAllister, MD (Hematology/Oncology)
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Marivation USA, LLC


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Patient Testimonials

“These little bites are lifesavers. I couldn’t eat anything and I love these. My weight loss has slowed down because these settle my stomach.”

Pancreatic Cancer Patient, Atlanta

“ I couldn’t eat anything and Ensure is making me nauseated just to look at it. The bitez have settled my stomach and I ate better after eating the bitez. And they taste good.”

Retired MD with
Stage 4 Cancer

“I ate all 3 bitez yesterday and it settled me down and I actually ate a hamburger an hour later. I had not eaten real food in over 2 weeks. Please give me more soon.”

Stage 4 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patient with Jaundice and lost 30+ pounds in last 2 months

Onco Bitez



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