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The oncology experienced Marivation team knows first-hand what it takes to face it. Everything about cancer including the treatments that must be endured in order to shift your body to health is depleting. The disease itself requires massive amounts of calories in order to reproduce. Add recommended chemotherapy, radiation, and pharmaceutical protocols and a cancer patient’s body becomes a war zone- requiring more and more energy to overcome disease and return to health. The maladies of the disease must be treated by protocols that create more discomfort and side effects. Unfortunately, those side effects often lead to decreased appetite which deprives the body of the fuel it needs to heal. It can feel like a battle that can’t be won. However, for the first time, Marivation is developing products to provide chemo patient nutritional support by listening to the patients – and we would love to hear from everyone touched by cancer via our survey below!

By honoring our personal relationships with those who are struggling… We have created chemo patient nutritional support products with these patient-centric needs in mind:

Lack of appetite • Nausea • Mouth sores • Anxiety • Stress • Lowered energy levels • Taste Sensitivity • Inflammation • Insomnia

Lack of appetite
Mouth sores
Lowered energy levels  
Taste Sensitivity


Healing requires nourishment. Symptoms and treatments of disease inhibit the desire to take the time and energy to fuel the body properly. At Marivation, we are listening. We understand it first-hand. We are not just providing good nutrition, we are crafting products with patient needs and symptoms in mind. Marivation will design and create safe, patient-centric, high-quality, gluten-free, highly-nutritional products. Each product is designed to meet the specific nutritional and taste needs of patients receiving chemotherapy or other debilitating treatments.

Our mission is simply born from the heart of its founders. Every decision we make from concept to production is backed by the inspiring stories of people whom we have seen suffering. And if you’ve experienced cancer in your life or watched a loved one struggle, you know how motivating it is to make a difference.




Often it is personal challenges that nudge us to want to make a difference. Seeing our loved ones, friends, and patients struggle to heal and meet their nutritional needs inspired us to create Marivation.

May it make a difference for you and your loved ones who have been touched by cancer.