Cancer and Chemo Patients-Treatments v. Taste-Buds

Cancer and Chemo Patients-Treatments v. Taste-Buds

Most forms of chemotherapy target the cells in your body that grow and reproduce quickly, as cancerous cells are want to do. Unfortunately, taste buds also reproduce quickly – thus, they are often a casualty while taking chemotherapy. This creates cancer taste buds. This directly affects your normal tastes, often making once-loved foods taste bitter or metallic.

In an effort to address palate change concerns, the Marivation team conducted real-life patient surveys and questionnaires.

Breast cancer patients will receive taxane treatment most of the time (taxol, taxotere, abraxane). They often will receive an anthracycline treatment as well (adriamycin). For many, this alters the taste-buds in a way that elicits the feeling that everything is “too salty.” Patients also suffer with stomatitis which makes eating something with a tough texture challenging (chewing becomes a displeasure) as gums and soft tissue of the oral cavity can become irritated and tender.  Another challenge comes in people receiving platinum-based chemo (carboplatin, cisplatin, etc.) as patients often feel like everything has a metallic taste. Platinum chemo is used broadly but is used a lot in lung patients, ovarian ca pts, esophageal, etc.… just to name a few.

Marivation Tip

Before you go to your next chemotherapy treatment, why not try to eat something that is not in your usual diet? Sometimes, the food that is consumed before treatment can become associated with the nausea, making you more likely to not be able to eat that food.

New Understanding Of How Chemo Impacts Appetite | OncoBitez

New Understanding Of How Chemo Impacts Appetite | OncoBitez

Do you want to learn how chemo impacts appetite? For those going through chemotherapy, there can be many side effects experienced by cancer treatment. One of the side effects that commonly accompany chemo and can negatively impact someone going through cancer treatment is loss of appetite. The loss of appetite experienced by those going through chemo can become a severe issue, as having proper nutrition during treatments is one of the most important ways to take care of oneself. How Chemo Impacts Appetite When someone is going through cancer treatments, they may find that food may taste or smell different, which can lead to less of an appetite. Common side effects can include:

  • Mouth and throat issues
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue issues

Tips to Help You Through Loss of Appetite There is no simple cure to banish the loss of appetite that can accompany chemo, but there are some tips and tricks that may help you work through it.

  1. Eat favorite foods. When your appetite is weaning, it can be smart to eat whatever sounds good to you when it sounds good. While normally we try to stay away from high-fat, high-calorie foods, sometimes those might be just the ticket to help trigger your hunger.
  2. Keep things simple. The thought of grocery shopping and cooking can be a daunting one when dealing with the fatigue chemo can bring on. You’ll want to plan ahead and make sure your kitchen is stocked with some easy-to-prepare foods or even consider meal delivery services.
  3. Keep sipping on liquids. Drinking fluids during meals can make you feel too full to eat much, which is why its smart to sip on something throughout the day. This also helps you stay hydrated and can flush toxins out of your body. If you are losing weight, consider drinking higher calorie options like fruit juices, milkshakes or cream soups.
  4. Protein is important. We need protein to help our body repair tissues and keep the immune system healthy. Try peanut or almond butter with fruit as a snack, add chopped or ground nuts to other food items, or enjoy other protein-filled eats.
  5. Eating with distractions. It’s a known fact that we tend to eat more when distracted, so try eating meals while listening to music or watching TV. You can also eat with friends to enjoy conversation and company during meal times.

Being able to consume calories and nutrients is vital for those going through cancer treatments. Without the right nutrition, our bodies will begin to suffer more as the treatments go on. We know how important the right nutrition is and how difficult eating can become during the chemo process, and have come up with safe, patient-centric, high-quality, gluten-free, highly-nutritional products. Cancer is a beast, but OncoBitez and the Marivation team are here to help make sure you’re taking in the quality ingredients and nutrients needed to stay strong throughout the treatment process.