“These things are lifesavers. I couldn’t eat anything and I love these. My weight loss has slowed down because these settle my stomach.”

Pancreatic Cancer Patient, Atlanta

“ I couldn’t eat anything and Ensure is making me nauseated just to look at it. The bitez have settled my stomach and I ate better after eating the bitez. And they taste good.”

Retired MD with
Stage 4 Cancer

“I ate all 3 bitez yesterday and it settled me down and I actually ate a hamburger an hour later. I had not eaten real food in over 2 weeks. Please give me more soon.”

Stage 4 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patient with Jaundice and lost 30+ pounds in last 2 months

Nutritional Support For Cancer Patients Post-Chemotherapy 

Chemotherapy side effects are a challenging barrier for cancer patients to get the food and nutrients they need during treatment. When taste changes and poor appetite make it difficult to eat a meal, put concern aside and discover OncoBitez.  

OncoBitez are the perfect solution for cancer patients, providing supplementary nutrition for days two, three, and four after chemotherapy treatment. This product is designed uniquely for those struggling to eat – just three flavorful, meltable bites deliver high-quality nutrition and guaranteed calories that are easy and enjoyable. Additionally, OncoBitez are formulated with an intentional proprietary blend of herbs and spices designed to combat negative chemotherapy, medication, and radiation side effects.

High-quality nutrition support is essential for cancer patients persevering through exhausting and grueling treatment. For all those who have struggled to get the nutrition they need during cancer treatment, OncoBitez are the solution you’ve been looking for.

For questions, concerns, or to share your experience with OncoBitez products, visit our Contact Us page or reach out to us at CUSTOMERSUPPORT@marivationUSA.com.

Oncologist Designed, Dietitian Approved

A team that cares

Butch Hunter, CEO of Marivation and founder of OncoBitez products, began searching for a solution to support oncology patients after spending years observing the challenges posed by cancer treatment therapies. When his own daughter was diagnosed with a medical condition that resulted in nausea, vomiting, and significant weight loss, similar symptoms experienced by chemotherapy patients, he began to think outside of the box.

“I believed I could create a product that would not only aid in managing patient symptoms but also provide the patient with much needed high-quality nutrients, along with the necessary vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy during those tough times. MARIVATION is born!”

Founder and CEO

Onco Bitez



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